NEW on our web site are auctions APOLO.
Benefits of auctions APOLO are that already have a starting price and initial price of the cars are very very good!
APOLO auction will be held once a week, begining every monday and end every friday at 9 o clock.

  auciton serves the purpose of informing users how auctions work. Cars in this auction are not for sale!

All parties should note that the registration made under section AUCTION OF VEHICLES FOR BUSINESS PARTNERS, because you will only enable the smooth functioning of our online auction site.

BOTIS team

Vehicle auctions for professionals


Botis is a European online B2B car auction that sells exclusively to car dealers and traders. This auction site is not open to private individuals.


The site provides professional car dealers with a straightforward and transparent way of bidding for a top-quality selection of used cars (demonstrators, lease cars, overstocked cars), vans and light trucks.

Product auctions for private

 Botis is a company that organizes European online auctions of vehicles and other goods on the principle of B2C, which means that the auction is open to legal and natural persons